Radiation Vacation


The mission of Radiation Vacation is to improve the quality of life for children receiving radiation and their families in Georgia, by providing recreational activities and offering emotional, educational and financial support. Radiation Vacation is the only foundation in the state of Georgia to exclusively provide total family support to the pediatric radiation oncology population.

On average, Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University treats approximately 260 children and young people (birth to age 21) a year. Most of these patients receive daily radiation treatments, Monday through Friday for five weeks. Patients travel to Winship from all over the state of Georgia. Families that do not live with n a 50 mile radius of the hospital often stay at the Ronald McDonald House or a hotel during treatment. Radiation treatments themselves last about thirty minutes. This leaves a lot of free time for families to explore Atlanta.

Medical treatments and medicines, in addition to loss of income because of missed work, put extreme financial stresses on these families. Through our Giving “FUN”d program, Radiation Vacation can step in and provide families with temporary relief by assisting with non-medical expenses such as gas and grocery cards and recreational activities.

Radiation Vacation sends families on several outings during their course of radiation. The Atlanta Zoo, The Georgia Aquarium, and The Botanical Garden are just a few of the places we have sent families to visit. These outings help fill in the downtime in between daily treatments. It also helps families feel “normal” under the extraordinary circumstances of childhood cancer.